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Built In Performance

Discover the secret to extending the look of your upholstered furniture with Sustain Performance Fabrics™.  With the performance engineered directly into the yarn itself, our fabrics boast unparalleled durability and cleanability, making them the perfect choice for your family room sectional, sofa or upholstered piece.  Designed to make cleaning a breeze—simply use soap and water or diluted bleach without fear of damaging the fabric when you follow our cleaning instructions. What's more, no additional chemicals are needed to maintain these exceptional performance characteristics.


Elevate your living space with fabrics that offer both style and practicality.

Choose Sustain Performance Fabrics™ for lasting comfort and peace of mind.

Watch Our Cleaning Video


Care Guide

  • Vacuum with a soft brush attachment to remove loose debris.

  • ​To remove everyday stains, such as dirt and spills, use a soap and water solution.

  • For tougher stains, such as red wine or marker, use a bleach and water solution.

  • As an additional measure of safety, complete the cleaning with an at-home disinfectant spray such as Lysol® or Clorox®.​​


We proudly stand behind Sustain Performance Fabrics™ with a 3 year limited warranty.

This warranty will protect the original purchaser and will cover Sustain Performance Fabrics™ only. This warranty does not cover normal care and cleaning; damage from misuse or abuse; improper installation; or costs associated with replacement of the furniture, including labor and installation.

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