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Why Sustain?

Sustain Performance Fabrics are engineered to offer superior design and style for active households. Innovation meets performance with these decorative, durable, cleanable and environmentally friendly fabrics.


Our fabrics are designed and produced in the USA with superior attention to detail and performance. Sustain Performance Fabrics provides consumers with the ability to have a healthier and cleaner performance fabric in their home. In addition to providing the confidence of cleanability with soap and water or bleach and water, Sustain Performance Fabrics can withstand the use of common at-home disinfectant solutions without the risk of degrading or discoloring the fabric. 


Further, each 100% solution dyed fabric is guaranteed to offer an unmatched level of protection to keep your living space looking beautiful for years to come. Host the dinner party and bring on the kids, because Sustain Performance Fabrics will be ready to withstand the messes of everyday living.

Learn more about Sustain Performance Fabrics' stain resistant, durable, and cleanable performance features.


Learn more about Sustain Performance Fabrics' commitment to sustainability.


Use our resources page, which includes cleaning instructions, FAQS, and featured retailers, to learn more about Sustain Performance Fabrics.


Sustain Performance Fabrics' durable, sustainably produced olefin yarns.

Our Products

We know that first and foremost, a fabric must have the right look and feel to be considered for a project. That is why our Sustain Performance Fabrics team has worked extensively to find the perfect balance between having a soft, natural style while maintaining a durable, cleanable, and environmentally conscious product. Our extensive toolbox of yarns, colors, designs, and finishes are truly unmatched in the industry.

Array of Sustain Performance Fabrics designed for residential upholstery use.


Whether you are looking for timeless solids or decorative patterns, Sustain Performance Fabrics are designed to have an approachable, natural look that also feels soft and is comfortable at a value. Sustain Performance Fabrics is the perfect fabric choice for high traffic areas in the home and for large pieces of furniture like sofas and sectionals that get a lot of daily use.

Sustain Performance Fabrics designed for contract upholstery applications.


Don’t let the natural look and soft hand fool you!  Sustain Performance Fabrics are engineered to meet or exceed the requirements for your contract projects. The high durability and bleach cleanability ensure they will withstand your performance needs while the lower carbon footprint, Greenguard Gold certification, dependable domestic manufacturing, and competitive lead-times ensures you are making a thoughtful choice too.

Sustain Performance Fabrics' vertically integrated textile mill in North Carolina.

Our Heritage

Valdese Weavers is committed to being an innovative textile leader, thoughtfully designing and responsibly weaving textile products while striving to minimize our impact on the natural resources we share. As a completely vertically integrated manufacturer, Valdese Weavers is responsible and executes every step of the textile manufacturing process from start to finish at their facilities in North Carolina.


The industry leading manufacturer introduced Sustain Performance Fabrics in 2016, offering on-trend designs and a high level of cleanability, while still being environmentally friendly, PFAS Free and available at a value-driven price point. Sustain Performance Fabrics has grown significantly since its launch, appealing to customers that are seeking fabric made of responsible materials that has a soft feel, natural look and are Greenguard Gold Certified.

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